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Patricia Baxter Johnson - LPGA Tour Player/Golf Coach


As an LPGA Tour Player, going through the process of becoming a tour player, excelling to compete at the highest level, I personally know the invaluable benefits and what it meant to me in regard to what your child will receive at GenNXT Reaching the highest playing goals is so much more than having good mechanics in your golf swing, I never would have realized my child hood dream of playing on the LPGA tour without Dr Rick Jensen's training and the path he put me on. Pia Nilsson was also influential to me my LPGA rookie year. Now under the guidance of the best in the industry, Henry Brunton, Pia Nilsson, and Dr. Rick Jensen, and Lynn Marriott combining together to form GenNXT. Their expertise and wisdom for your child's development is the most important training your child can receive. I am so looking forward to sending my son there when he becomes of age.


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Patricia Baxter Johnson - LPGA Tour Player/Golf Coach