GenNXT Golf Academy

The Road to the NCAA / PGA Tour / LPGA Tour

Henry Brunton and Dr. Rick Jensen are world leaders in golf coaching and elite golf athlete development. High performance junior golfers, college golfers and professional golfers who aspire to advance to the NCAA/PGA Tour/LPGA Tour are invited to participate in the GenNXT Golf Academy. This is specialized coaching and training that gets guaranteed measurable results!

Our Mission/Intention

  • Provide participating golf athletes with best in class coaching, training and sports science services support.

  • To be the recognized industry leader - Gold Standard - in elite golf athlete training and player development.

  • Provide participating golf athletes with a fun and dynamic learning and training environment that develops skill, confidence, and gets long-term results.

  • Support and inspire participating athletes to realize their goals and full potential as people and golfers.

  • Have a positive impact on the future growth and development of the sport and golf coaching.

Our Values & Beliefs

  • Each athlete is unique

  • There is no one best way to swing or to play

  • Every golfer needs to discover their most effective style and way of playing the game

  • Effort and attitude are critical factors in development and performance

  • Parents/Guardians/Sponsors play a pivotal role in athlete development and performance

What is the GenNXT Golf Academy?

  • An Innovative, full-time residential golf athlete development program owned and operated by two of golf's leading coaches - Henry Brunton and Dr. Rick Jensen supported by expert sports science service providers.

  • An opportunity for aspiring elite golf athletes to receive the coaching and training support that is aligned with ascending to the national/international levels of junior/amateur/NCAA golf and ultimately the PGA/LPGA Tour/Olympic Games.

  • Best in class coaching and training support in all facets of athlete development- skills acquisition/training - ball control, fitness/strength training, mental game/self- management; decision training; club fitting /all equipment; statistical analysis; nutrition/hydration; career planning; college golf preparation and recruiting service.

  • World Class training facilities and location - Eagle Creek Golf Club in Orlando, FL.

  • Fun and exciting!

What Makes GenNXT Unique?

  • GenNXT is a boutique style High Performance Golf Academy- commitment to providing exceptional coaching and training support and service to a select number of qualified athletes.

  • GenNXT Coaching Staff personally coach and train GenNXT Athletes- all GenNXT Golf Athletes will have personal relationships with all members of the GenNXT Coaching Staff/ Sports Science Support Staff.

  • GenNXT Coaching Staff is focused on skills development in all facets of the game and performance in competition– putting the ball into the hole in the fewest number of strokes possible.

  • Specific customized coaching and training strategies - personalized training, coaching and competition plans based on age, stage of development for GenNXT golf athletes who aspire to excel in AJGA, USGA, NCAA, PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour and the Olympic Games

  • Dr. Rick Jensen- one of golf’s most prolific sports psychologists will personally support GenNXT Athletes, Coaches and parents.

  • Henry Brunton - PGA Master Professional - Top 100 Teacher - a world leader in golf coaching will personally lead GenNXT.

  • Overall goal – to produce golf athletes who excel at the highest levels- GenNXT wants to develop the best players in the next generation- top performers in AJGA, USGA, NCAA, PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour and the Olympic Games.

Why Choose GenNXT?

  • Gold Standard- If you want to be the best you can be- train with the best high performance golf academy coaching staff and sports science support team.

  • Boutique style - small number’s 100% focus on the athletes.

  • Exceptional Coaching - GenNXT Athletes coached and supported by a world renowned GenNXT Coaching Staff and Sports Science Support Team with a long proven track record of developing world class golfers.

  • Comprehensive Sports Science Support – team of experts with specific support roles.

  • Technology - GenNXT Athletes will have access to TrackMan and video technology for training.

  • Competition Coach - prepares athletes for competition and supports/coaches and observes at events.

  • Superb training facilities- Full-time access to world class range and short game training areas; Access to Eagle Creek GC – 18 championship holes.

  • Premium golf balls for practice, just like PGA/LPGA Tour.

  • Location - GenNXT Golf Academy is based at Eagle Creek GC in Orlando, FL - 10 minutes from Orlando International Airport. Orlando, FL is one of golf’s most desirable locations & the home base for over 150 PGA/LPGA Touring Professionals.

  • Location - Close proximity to national level competitions for juniors and professionals.

  • Climate - Orlando provides GenNXT Athletes with guaranteed weather for training.

GenNXT  Golf Academy Pledge to Athletes/Parents/Guardians/Sponsors

  • We will provide all GenNXT Golf Athletes with a safe, fun and stimulating golf development coaching and training program that gets measurable results.

  • We will treat all athletes as individuals.

  • We will provide athletes/parents/guardians/sponsors with honest feedback on the development ongoing - detailed monthly reports.

  • We will do our best to help each GenNXT Athlete reach their full potential as athletes and people.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Golf athletes ages (14-18) with a proven track record of state level or above performance will be considered for the GenNXT Junior Academy.

  • Players must complete application questionnaire and provide 2 letters of recommendation- golf and character from PGA/LPGA Professionals or Golf Federation Officials.